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Sometimes the cost of burial or a traditional funeral is too expensive. Perhaps, your loved one requested to a cremation ceremony. If you wish to say goodbye in that way, the comforting staff of Frank J. Bonin Funeral Home, Inc. can help you every step of the way.


We desire to lay your loved ones to rest with the care and attention they deserve. Appreciate sensitivity when it comes to burials and cremation decisions. Frank J. Bonin Funeral Home, Inc. will always respect your wishes.

Since 1980, Frank J. Bonin Funeral Home, Inc. has been family-owned. We understand your loss and need for comfort.

Service in the Greater Hazleton area. 570-454-3341

The ashes of your loved ones can be scattered in our gardens of remembrance or buried elsewhere based on the deceased one's personal wishes.

• Scattering

• Placed in urns / containers

• Rest in a cemetery / churchyard

• Taken where you choose

We can help you plan a caring memorial


Do what your loved ones would have wanted